Leasing medical equipment preserves capital and provides greater financial flexibility

With the rapid and constant advances in healthcare technology, most medical equipment faces obsolescence within 3-5 years. In order to maintain state-of-the art facilities, the majority of physicians and hospital administrators are choosing to lease their medical equipment and supplies instead of using up lines of credit or loans. By leasing, healthcare organizations can reserve working capital, lower their monthly payments, and enjoy the flexibility of upgrading their equipment or changing vendors when their needs change.

First Financial Veterans Leasing can provide competitive vendor independent lease financing for all types of modalities within your hospital or private practice.

Assistance with Grant Funding:

Healthcare advisors and administrators are increasingly turning to Federal Grants to augment the cost of medical equipment. However, reaching the minimum goal set out to obtain or continue these grants can be difficult to achieve. Choosing to lease the equipment through a certified veteran owned business can greatly assist in meeting the minimum requirements, thus positioning for future grants as needed.